15+ Best Layers WordPress Site Builder Themes and Templates in 2015

Layers. A new WordPress site builder that makes creating your website a quick and simple experience. Layers is activated as a WordPress theme and works directly with the built-in WordPress Customizer. A code-free interface gives you control over the content and aesthetics of your site while still maintaining good design fundamentals. Download Layers and create anything you want, from child themes to useful extensions, or contribute to the core.

The Layers framework was created ‘mobile first’ and then scaled up for tablets and desktops. This ensures that your site will always look incredible, no matter what device your users are on. Layers is and always will be free.

Lots of people mostly search for ‘Layers WP Themes‘ and because of that we created this Collection.

WordPress Collection:

Best Layers WordPress Site Builder Themes and Templates in 2015

clinix-wordpress-responsive-theme-slider1 eagle-wordpress-responsive-theme-slider1 fuze-wordpress-responsive-theme-slider1 qbox-wordpress-responsive-theme-slider1

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